Personal Training!

Personal training

Could you benefit from personal training? Every one of us could use some help in achieving our goals in life!  And that’s true in fitness as well! One of the reasons why I have had a 27-year career in the fitness industry is because people do better with an accountability partner!  I’ve been a certified personal trainer for almost 24 years now.

There is a lot of free information out there on the internet about how to exercise but how do you know the best exercises for you? That’s where personal training comes in!

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What are the benefits of personal training?

Personal training helps to keep you motivated to achieve what you say you’d like to achieve!  Whether that is strengthening and toning your muscles, improving your cardiovascular, increasing your flexibility or maybe even losing some weight.   In my opinion, one of the best benefits of exercise is the effect that it has on the brain – it is amazing for helping with depression and anxiety!  In over 27 years of teaching exercise, I have never had a client leave after personal training or a class feeling worse than when they came in.  The hard part is getting through the door!

I have a few options for you.  Pick one that works best for your lifestyle and goals!

Option #1:  After we’ve discussed your goals, I will provide a personalized workout plan for you to do at home.  In addition, you will have 4 x 45-minute training sessions per month in my studio.  That’s one-on-one personal training time to focus on your goals.

Option #2:  Sometimes clients want a shorter session and want to come more than once a week.  Then this option might be for you.  You will have a 30-minute training session in my studio scheduled at a time that works for us both.  You may choose to come more than once a week as well.  There is no home program associated with this option.

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What does personal training cost?

Prices vary depending on the option that you choose.

The 30-minute sessions are $30 + HST.  We look at the month ahead and decide how many sessions you will take for the current month and then I invoice accordingly – that way you don’t have a whole bunch of sessions that you have pre-paid for.  It’s literally month by month.

The 45-minute sessions are $45 + HST and the home program is an additional $40.

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