Fascial Stretch in Prince Edward County

Things sure look different now than than they did just a short time ago, but one thing is the same – your wellness matters!  And one could argue that your health is more important now than ever before! I’m excited to provide fascial stretch in Prince Edward County along with other pain-relieving and health-promoting options!

My business has shifted a few times in the past couple of years from being a “bricks and mortar” studio with group classes, personal training and Fascial Stretch Therapy to online classes and now back to in-studio options at my home office.  I currently offer Fascial Stretch and RAPID sessions to help alleviate body pain.

I’m excited to have re-introduced Personal Training sessions back to the studio line-up and will be adding some in-person Yoga and Fascial Flow classes in January 2023!


Fascial Stretch in Prince Edward County
Kathy McAlpine, Owner at EverFit Studios

Read on to find out how I can help you with your health in Prince Edward County & beyond!

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Personal Training Returns for 2023!

Are you looking for some accountability with your fitness program?  Let me be that person!  I’ve been a certified personal trainer for almost 24 years now so I have a few things in my toolkit to help you achieve your goals!

Click here to check out the Personal Training page for more details!

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy is an assisted stretching technique that can help improve mobility, reduce pain, achieve better sports performance and improve flexibility.  Kathy is a Level 3 certified Fascial Stretch Specialist and has completed her Sport Specific FST training.   30, 45, 60 and 75- minute sessions available. Click here to go to the page on Fascial Stretch!

CLICK here to book FST online!

RAPID Neurofascial Reset

What is RAPID NeuroFascial Reset?  It’s awesome that’s what it is!! RAPID is a new soft tissue, movement based, therapeutic technique that addresses the central nervous system’s role in alleviating pain, tension and restrictions within muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.  Click RAPID NeuroFascial Reset for more info on RAPID!

Fascial Flow class

What is Fascial Flow?  It is a group class that helps you to stretch your Fascia!   This easy-to-do class will help you to unwind your tight spots and lessen pain!  It is done with gentle, flowing movements which target all of those restrictions in your body.  We also use tools such as the Yoga Tune Up balls to help release certain areas. Do you have a tight neck, middle back, lower back pain, tight hamstrings? This class is for you!  Offered in February on Mondays 9:30am or Thursdays 4:00pm.  Click here to sign up! https://bookFascialStretch.as.me/



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People are more aware of being proactive with their health than ever before!  Nature’s Sunshine has been a leader in this field since 1972.  They have amazing products (230 in Canada!) ranging from gut health to weight loss, help with stress, aching joints and more!  Check out their products here!