Photo Gallery for EverFit Studios

Welcome to the photo gallery for EverFit Studios!  This is where you can start your journey to feel better, move better and get fit!  We offer a clean, professional space where you can feel safe and cared for.
Office in FST roomFST room Personal Training roomPersonal Training Room 2Studio Entrance

The calm colour and atmosphere of the treatment room will help you relax as you experience your Fascial Stretch or RAPID session.  It is personally one of my favorite colours and when I moved the studio from Bloomfield to our current location, I made sure that I painted the Fascial Stretch room the same colour.  You will often find my little dog Daisy laying under the massage table!  I guess she’s giving me some extra help!

In the gym or personal training room, you will find some excellent equipment to help you get in shape!  I have two of the Gravity Training Systems, lots of free weights, a mini trampoline, indoor cycle, elliptical, and a fantastic cable machine with a 300lb weight stack.  I love this small, efficient space!  This is also where I teach the online LifeStretch classes.  Want to learn more about online personal training or the online LifeStretch classes?  Just click here:  Online Personal Training     Online LifeStretch Classes

Shopping At EverFit Studios

EverFit Studios also offers some products that I wholly believe in to help you on your wellness journey.  I stock some Yoga Tune Up balls, essential oils from Natures’ Sunshine, magnesium spray from Essential Relaxation, and muscle spray from MediStik.  As I find more products that I like to suggest to clients, I add them to my little shopping area.  Not that I’m trying to push you towards products, but sometimes people just like to be able to pick up a recommended product without having to go shopping for it or ordering it online.  You are welcome to click the links in this paragraph to take you to the other websites where I sourced these awesome products!