What is LifeStretch? LifeStretch is “a mobility-stretch class that is designed to help clients become more flexible in body, mind and spirit so that they feel not only more functionally mobile but also more capable to deal with the physical and mental demands of their lives”. (Ann Frederick – founder of the Stretch to Win Institute and creator of LifeStretch).

Essentially this is an easy to do class that helps you to unstick your stuck parts!  It is based on the idea of the fascial lines in the body.  Click on over to my page on Fascia!    By moving in specific patterns, we can help to loosen tight areas such as shoulders, neck, upper and lower back, hips and legs.

Currently I’m teaching this class online using a private FaceBook group.  This format is working really well!  You simply sign up for the class on my online booking – and then I will add you to the private FB group where you will be able to join the classes!  I teach live on Tuesdays & Fridays 8:30-9:00am so you can see me actually doing the class with you.  However, if you don’t like that time of day or you miss a class, you simply go to our FB group at a time that works for you, and watch the video!  I encourage clients to do this stretching daily and it’s easy by watching the videos!  I will teach 8 classes live and you can do them as many times as you like during the 4 weeks!  Sound good?

Check out what others have said about LifeStretch!

“I notice a huge difference in my saddle (horseback rider). Right ankle is more flexible and hips more open.” KMW

“I have enjoyed having this format and inspiration to stretch. Without it , I find it too easy to put off stretching and do ” other stuff”. The foot and neck/shoulder work give the most immediate and noticeable results for me. I would not change anything about your presentation of the classes.” KP

“I am positive that doing the class several times a week is much more beneficial than once a week. I intended to do some yoga online, as you had suggested before COVID, but only got inspired a couple of times.  I”m finding that your classes are ones that I can stick to.  I also know that, by paying for classes, a person is more committed to participating.” SM

Next Steps?

If you would like to sign up for the next online group session of LifeStretch, head on over to my online booking and select “LifeStretch Online – 8 Classes”.  Click here to take you to the booking page!