What’s happening at EverFit?

New group class schedule begins Monday, March 4th!  8 weeks – check out the classes at   http://everfitstudios.ca/fitness-class-schedule/

Weight Loss Challenge 101 – Tuesday March 26th  & April 2nd 5:30-6:30pm

Nature’s Sunshine will be hosting another 8-week Weight Loss Challenge beginning in mid-April.  There will be a group for this challenge that will incorporate exercise, accountability and nutritional support that will run for the 8-weeks (details coming soon).

This 2-week “prep course” is to familiarize you with the basic nutritional concepts of the InForm program that this challenge is based on.  We’ll talk food plans, what to look for in your nutrition, supplements and more! 

Cost for this 2-week session is just $20. 

If you decide to join the challenge after you’ve attended these two sessions, you will be entered into a draw at EverFit to win some NSP product!  If you choose not to join the challenge, you will have learned some awesome tips to improve your health!  If you decide to sign up for the 8-week InForm Nutrition program (see below) after attending this 2-week mini course, you will receive $20 off your InForm registration.


InForm Nutrition & Weight Loss Program – begins Tuesday, April 16th

You’ve tried all the programs out there in the past trying to lose some weight.  You may have had some success, you may have gained some (or all) or that weight back. Are you ready to try something that has proven results?

The InForm 8-week Nutrition & Weight Loss program from Natures’ Sunshine focuses on re-balancing your gut microbiome. Not sure what that is?  It’s your gut health – your second brain.  It’s been all the rage on the internet for the past 5-6 years.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 8 weeks of group meetings
  • a participant manual (value $22)
  • a shaker cup with samples  (value $15)
  • your first bag of Whey InForm protein powder  (value $55)
  • a private Facebook group to share info and ask questions
  • weekly Biotracker analysis including: body weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle weight, visceral fat and your metabolic age
  • measurements weeks 1, 4 & 8
  • guidance on what supplements might be best to help you with your weight loss goals
  • a Zyto Compass report (value $30)
  • my coaching!

Your investment? $159 + HST

If you want to know more, sign up for the Weight Loss Challenge 101 mini-course (details above) and you will receive $20 off your InForm registration if you decide to do the 8-week program!  If you join with your spouse, you get $22 off one registration since you will only need one manual.

Build Health! Don’t Just Fight Disease – Sat. April 27th 12-2pm

Dr. Steven Horne in Belleville at the Travelodge Hotel, 11 Bay Bridge Road

“Modern medicine is focused primarily on the relief of treating symptoms.  This isn’t health care, it’s disease care.  Treating symptoms is like cutting the wires to the warning light in your car and thinking you’ve fixed the problem.  To obtain true health care you have to look deeper than the symptoms and find the root cause of the problem.  As pioneer herbalist Samuel Thomson said “Remove the cause (root problem) and the effect (disease symptoms) will disappear.” 

In this presentation, Steven Horne will share the key things he has learned in his nearly 40 years of looking for the roots of people’s health problems.  He’ll explain how to shift your focus from hacking at the branches of your health problems to getting rid of the roots so that you can enjoy a high level of vitality and lasting health.

This is a FREE event!  We do need you to register if you plan to attend.  Please message me (Kathy) here at EverFit or you can register directly with Nature’s Sunshine by calling Milly at 1-877-257-4372 ext 3919