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2020 – Where to find me!

Wow!  What a year 2020 has been so far!  I had comfortably settled into my home studio in January and things were going along very well in the new space!  Then the COVID-19 hit and I’ve had to close the studio – hopefully temporarily – while we all practice social distancing and abide by the rules as set out by our governments.  My business is not classified as an “essential service” and as such I will remain closed until I am able to re-open.

With that said, I know a lot of my fascial stretch clients are feeling tight and possibly even in pain.  Please contact me via email here http://everfitstudios/ca/contact

If I can help you through a phone call or a FaceTime call, I would be happy to offer some suggestions!  Stay safe and healthy!

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Kathy McAlpine Terpstra, Owner

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy is an assisted stretching technique that can help improve mobility, reduce pain, achieve better sports performance and improve flexibility.  Kathy is a Level 3 certified Fascial Stretch Specialist and has completed her Sport Specific FST training.   30, 60 and 75- minute sessions available.

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personal training

Personal Training

One-on-one personal training to help you reach your specific goals!  Semi-private sessions also available.
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nutrition education

Nutrition Education

80% of what your body looks like is a direct result of what you eat!  Learn how to fuel your body, have more energy and thrive at life! Join a nutrition class!  Click the “learn more” button for more information!
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