Group Class Schedule – beginning January 2nd 2017


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00am TR-X (TS) Cycle & Strength (TS)
9:30am Platforms & Plates (MS) TR-X (TS) Lo Impact Dance (MS)



11:00am Step & Strength (MS) Fusion Flow (MS) Gym Circuit (TS)
11:00am TR-X (TS)

TR-X (TS)30 min

Speed Cycle (TS) 30 min
3:15pm Yoga (MS)
4:30pm Gym Circuit  30 min (TS)

    TR-X     30 min (TS)

5:00pm Strong Yoga Mix (MS)


(TS) 5:15pm



Cycle & Strength (TS) 5:15pm
6:15pm     Yoga for Dudes (MS)

MS = class taught in Movement Studio

TS = class taught in Training Studio


Class Descriptions

Yoga: Taught in a Vinyasa (flowing) style, you will move from standing poses to challenge your strength and balance to restorative poses while resting on the mat.  Each class ends with a guided relaxation.  All levels

Strong Yoga Mix: Looking for poses that require a little more strength and balance? We’ll hold postures a little longer, give you a few more options to intensify your experience and challenge your flexibility.  And every 3rd week we will do a restorative class to balance your Yin/Yang.  Some Yoga experience

Yoga for Dudes: Every man could use more flexibility!  Most men won’t venture into a regular Yoga class because they think every female in that room is super flexible and they don’t want to look silly.  If this is you, then THIS IS YOUR CLASS! An introductory class for men only.  Come and learn how you can use Yoga to improve your golf game, your weekend warrior or just have less aches and pains! All levels – men only

Platforms & Plates: A great way to get toned!  Using steps (platforms) and personal barbells (plates) we’ll work every muscle in your body.  You choose how much weight to use.  Be prepared to work up a good sweat and have some fun!  All levels

Lo Impact Dance: We all loved it in the 90s!  Great music, a bit of choreography and getting exercise at the same time! Come and join the fun! All levels

Gym Circuit: This class will be taught in the Training Studio.  You’ll move around a series of exercises being motivated by a trainer to make sure you get the most out of every one!  TR-X, Functional Trainer, weights, BOSUs, and more!  All levels

Step & Strength: Bringing back the “step classes” of the 90s!  Basic step, corner to corner, hop turn! You know it!  We’ll round it out with some resistance training using small weights, bands and the step for body weight exercises.  All levels

TR-X: Suspension training at it’s best! Suspension training body weight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.  It’s a fast, effective, total-body workout! We’ll use the TR-X suspension trainers – they hang from the ceiling to give you an amazing workout!  All levels

Cycle & Strength: An awesome combination!  Cycle for 15 minutes then off the bikes to work your muscles while keeping your heartrate up, then back on the bikes again for another round.  Finish with upper body strength and then a stretch.  All levels

Speed Cycle: A quick 30-minute lunchtime class!  All bikes & a stretch to finish it off.  All levels

Fusion Flow: An awesome mix of Pilates & Yoga entwined into one class!  Standing, challenging Pilates movements will start off the class and then we'll move to the mat for a more traditional feel - finishing off with some juicy Yoga stretches.  All levels

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