Infrared Sauna

The benefits of heat therapy are long researched.  How can you take advantage of heat therapy when we don’t have a Scandinavian spa around?  Why not try an infrared sauna!

How does an infrared sauna work?

Infrared saunas send far infrared rays from their elements and penetrate the skin about 1′-1.5″.  There is no steam and I feel that it makes it much easier to breath this way.  You simply sit in the sauna and let the infrared rays penetrate you.  In an attempt to cool your body as it heats up, you will begin to sweat.  Sometimes this takes a while for your body to recognize that it’s OK to sweat!  And sweating is good for you!  It helps to release toxins, helps clear the skin, improves circulation and so much more!

What are the benefits of an infrared sauna?

There are numerous benefits to using an infrared sauna as part of your wellness program.  They include:

  •  weight loss
  • cellulite breakdown
  • detoxification – helps the body eliminate toxins by sweating
  • improved circulation
  • pain relief – muscle & soft tissue injuries, as well as arthritis, backaches, bursitis, headaches & joint stiffness
  • clear skin
  • improved athletic performance – helps the body recover quicker
  • relaxation!

Package Pricing:

The infrared sauna can be booked for 30-minute sessions at the following prices:

1 x 30 minute session – Drop-in:  $30.00 + HST

Package of 5 x 30 minute sessions:  $125.00 + HST

Package of 10 x 30 minute sessions:  $200.00 + HST

Please bring your own light-coloured or white towel.  Shower is available immediately after your session.