Summer Group Fitness Class Schedule - 8 Weeks

Begins Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 8:30am Gravity Training System (2 spaces)  7:45am Cycle & Stretch
9:30am Cycle & Strength Fascial Flow Small Equipment Circuit


11:30am Gravity Training System (30min)   11:15am Gravity Training System (30min)
4:15pm  Gravity Training System



5:00pm Strong Yoga Mix Cycle & Strength 5:30pm


Class Descriptions:

New!  Gravity Training System!  This is a semi-private 30-minute session taught on the Gravity Training Systems.  It's a full-body workout and you will feel the difference after the first workout!  Limited to 2 people per session.  Join with a friend or let me pair you up! (looking for people with similar goals and fitness abilities as a pair)

Fascial Flow: Using my knowledge as a Fascial Stretch specialist, I’ve designed this class to be a moving “stretch” for your fascia.  Teaching you stretches that you can incorporate into your everyday routine as well.  You will LOVE this class!  Gentle but very effective at a deep level.  All levels

Cycle & Stretch:  A great way to end the week!  This 45-minute class will start on the bikes for cardio and we’ll end up taking a nice long stretch at the end (15 minutes) to stretch out all those muscles that you’ve worked all week.  All levels.

Small Equipment Circuit: Looking to strengthen muscles?  This class will be taught in the Movement room using small equipment such as hand held weights, bands, balls, steps, etc.  You will move from station to station doing different exercises.  A different experience from the “Gym Circuit” that is taught using the bigger equipment.  All levels. 

Yoga: Taught in a Vinyasa (flowing) style, you will move from standing poses to challenge your strength and balance to restorative poses while resting on the mat.  Each class ends with a guided relaxation.  All levels

Strong Yoga Mix: Looking for poses that require a little more strength and balance? We’ll hold postures a little longer, give you a few more options to intensify your experience and challenge your flexibility.  And every 3rd week we will do a restorative class to balance your Yin/Yang.  Some Yoga experience

Cycle & Strength: An awesome combination!  Cycle for 15 minutes then off the bikes to work your muscles while keeping your heartrate up, then back on the bikes again for another round.  Finish with upper body strength and then a stretch.  All levels (but higher intensity)




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