Below are some of the questions that I am anticipating!  We will add them as we get more.

What hours are you open?

We are open by appointment.  Monday - Friday we open for 8:00am.  The end of our day varies on the group class schedule and our personal training appointments.

Can I purchase a membership?

No.  We base our classes on a 12-week session so you sign up for the class(es) you would like and commit to those for the next 12 weeks.  You will have a guaranteed space in the classes that you choose - no need to make sure you get there extra early to snag a mat!

Personal training is booked by appointment.

Can I just walk in and workout on my own?

No.  We work by appointment only.  We will be offering some "open gym" times in the future - however, you will need to be a personal training client or attending classes in order to take advantage of that option.

Do you offer drop-in classes?

Yes we do.  If there is space in the class, we would gladly welcome a person to drop in.  Please call ahead to make sure that there is space in the class (some of them will be full already!) 613-885-7437

Waivers & client information must be signed ahead of the class.  Drop-in fee is $20 (tax incl)