events at EverFit Studios

Events at EverFit Studios

There are currently no scheduled events – March 2022





Online LifeStretch & Fascial Flow Classes!  ***No classes currently being taught.



LifeStretch is a movement based class that can be taught in a group or one-on-one.  It has been designed by Ann and Chris Frederick who are the founders of the Stretch to Win Institute.  This is the school where I have completed my Fascial Stretch Specialist certifications.

The purpose of the class is to stretch your fascial nets.  What are fascial nets? Lines or “nets” of connective tissue that hold our body in certain shapes.  In other words, your fascia is kind of like a sausage casing around your muscles.  When it gets “tight” and constricted, we have less movement and can experience pain. You can learn more about Fascia on my Fascial Stretch  page!

How Does the Class Work?

During the class, we will start with a simple assessment of how you are currently feeling and then move through gentle, easy movements exploring what is tight and where you find restrictions. Anyone can do this class because you will work at your own pace and never be in a pain range.

Adding in some Fascial Flow!  This series I will be adding in some of the movements that I teach in my Fascial Flow class using the Yoga Tune Up balls!  Just another tool to help you move better!  Don’t have Yoga Tune Up balls?  You can purchase them here at the studio for $20 (taxes included) or you can order them online by clicking here:

How Do I Sign Up for the Class?

How do I sign up? Simply click on the “Schedule Appointment” button at the top of this page and then select the “LifeStretch & Fascial Flow Online” button.  That will direct you to the page where you put in your information and give you the option to pay online.  Or you can click on the link right here:

How much does it cost?  The 4 week session is $50 + HST = $56.50

How do I View the Classes?

How do I see the classes?  Once you have registered for the class, I will invite you to a private Facebook group where you will be able to watch the classes “live” twice a week or you can choose to watch the recorded version at a time that suits you!  I offer two “live” classes per week, but I encourage you to go back to the FB page daily and follow the class again on the days where I’m not teaching.  That way you get 7 days of LifeStretch every week!

You simply go to our EverFit Studios Facebook private page and watch on your computer screen!  It’s super easy and convenient for you to participate! 

What do I Wear?

I would suggest that you set up your computer where you can see the screen from a mat on the floor.  Wear something easy to move in and have some fun with me!

Do you have ideas for more events at EverFit Studios?  We would love to hear what you would like to see!

Thanks for checking out our events at EverFit Studios!  It’s been a switch to teaching online but I’m really enjoying it!